It’s the shortest day of the year… and the darkest.

And it’s quite easy to be a little moody, dive under a warm blanket and dream a little dream about the sunny summertime, coz oh lord, it’s dark and cold out there. 

But when was the last time you really experienced darkness? Like in real dark darkness? The kind of darkness where theres no artificial lights at all? 

At the Brorfelde Observatory in the Copenhagen Countryside, they treasure the darkness. In a degree that the darkness has been preserved. As the only place in Denmark. No street lamps or other artificial lightning are allowed in the 40 acres area, that used to host some of Europes best astronomers and telescope builders. Between the 1950’s and 1990’s they did some of the finest machinery for observing the sky.

Today the place is an exploratorium open the public. If you’re in for a very unique destination outside of Copenhagen, go head for the stars and the darkness in Brorfelde. I’ll be happy to take you. :)


Okay, here we go…
For a couple of decades I’ve been reporting and telling stories about almost anything. Music, society, news, science and nature. Primarily in the Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR) and the last couple of years  about innovation at the Danish Technological Institute
I’ve decided to continue as freelancer in order to do different stuff and especially to tell about my backyard, the Copenhagen Countryside. Both as a traditional reporter and photographer, but also for whoever wants to join me out there in the physical scenery. 
We have tons of great offers for visitors in the middle and western parts of Zealand: We produce much of the ingredients for the Copenhagen restaurant scene. We  have our own fancy foodhalls, breweries, world class chocolatiers, http://vejrhoj.dk/ and much more.
The ice age landscapes and nature in general is amazing - among them the UNESCO Geopark in the northern parts of Odsherred. 
The fjords have a rich history and was essential to the vikings 1000 years ago. 
And much more. 
I’m looking forward to tell you all about it. 
On my website, in the media and of course in my micro adventure trips. Give me a heads up, if you want me to show you around. :)

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